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Well we finally decided on Steamboat Colorado as the place where we are settling down for the next 10 years.  When the kids go off to College, well things might change again...

Erika and Estelle are heavily involved in the equestrian community up here; Estelle loves a horse called Bob and Erika has her heart set for a beautiful horse called Reba. 

Oskar have been been playing a lot of Tennis and getting better every day.  They have adapted well to school and have started to make friends.   I am getting ready for my bow hunting adventures in the rockies in the fall and playing Tennis, and running some local 10K and 8 mile cross country races.  Trying to keep my aging body in shape...

Welcome to our world...

Why Colorado?

  1. -Beautiful scenery.

  2. -Horses galore.

  3. -Hunting and fishing.

  4. -Best small indoor tennis Ct.

  5. -Skiing and everything outdoors ...

Why Steamboat?

  1. -Great community.

  2. -Away from the masses.

  3. -One of the last bubbles left.

  4. -Come and see for yourself.  You may never leave ...